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TalkTalk Broadband honest review with cashback up to £84

TalkTalk Broadband

what is TalkTalk 

At TalkTalk, you'll get amazing value and clear plans.

Line rental is now included in all of their great Broadband, Fibre, and TV bundles.

What is important is to talk about it.

Customers may now watch Prime Video on their TalkTalk TV set-top box, according to the company.

TalkTalk TV's broad content offering now includes Prime Video, which includes over 98 percent of the UK's top TV series.

pros TalkTalk Broadband

1. Reasonably priced broadband speeds.

2. Flexible TV add-ons allow you to add and remove channels as needed for a low-cost, but limited TV subscription.

3. Use coupons and incentives to sweeten deals.

4. Multi-room TV does not require a membership.

5. Most packages do not charge an installation cost.

6. Parental controls and security software that is free.

disadvantages of TalkTalk Broadband

1. There is room for improvement in terms of customer service.

2. There isn't a way to acquire TalkTalk TV on its own.

3. There are fewer TV channels available than Sky and Virgin Media.

Cost of TalkTalk Broadband network

TalkTalk is one of the most affordable broadband providers, offering low-cost ADSL and regular fiber packages.

Its ultrafast fiber offerings also undercut similar-speed bundles from other suppliers.

Fiber 500, with average speeds of 500Mbps, costs £5 cheaper per month than Virgin Media's M500 at the time of writing (average speed 516Mbps).

Calls to TalkTalk

TalkTalk doesn't have a huge range of call add-ons, but that's largely due to the fact that we're not using our landlines as often as we used to.

You have the following choices for call Boosts:

  • For £12 per month, you may make unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles at any time.

  • In 50 minutes, you may spend 1,000 minutes on landlines and mobile phones throughout the world.

  • £10 a month gets you to access to more locations as well as low-cost calls to more countries.

  • You'll receive a pay-as-you-go plan if you don't add a calls bundle. As a result, you'll only be charged for the calls you make.

  • You will also be eligible for 180 free monthly minutes to other TalkTalk landline subscribers.

TalkTalk's average broadband speeds

  • Broadband speeds are fast, with an average of 11Mbps.

  • The average speed of Fiber 35 is 38Mbps.

  • The average speed of Fiber 65 is 67Mbps. Fibre 150 offers speeds of up to 150 Mbps on average.

  • Fiber 250 has a maximum speed of 250 Mbps. Fiber 500 has a maximum speed of 500 Mbps.

Fast broadband, Fibre 35, and Fibre 65, TalkTalk's most commonly accessible offerings, offer speeds that are nearly equal to those offered by BT, EE, Sky, and other well-known broadband providers.

But, in most cases, for a few pounds less every month.

According to Ofcom speed testing, TalkTalk is as excellent as it says it is, and you have a high chance of achieving the claimed speeds.

What else is essential to get TalkTalk cashback?

  • The effective monthly cost is computed by dividing the total cost over 18 months by the rebate amount.

  • Only new clients are eligible for the aforementioned product/cash back incentives.

  • Purchases must be made right away and entirely online.

  • Your cashback will initially track at a lesser rate, but after your transaction is validated, it will increase to the right rate.

  • All other taxes, fees, and any other expenditures like shipping are not eligible for cashback.

  • Once the cashback has reached a payable status, you can only withdraw it using BACS.

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