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Santander Credit Card Cashback up to £33

Santander Credit Card

what is Santander 

If you are a permanent UK resident aged 18 or older and have a guaranteed annual income of £7,500 or more, you can apply for a Santander credit card (before taxes).

tax have an excellent credit history, and have not been declared bankrupt, received a CCJ, or entered into an IVA within the last 6 years.

  • Debt transfers have a 0% APR for 26 months and there is no balance transfer fee.

  •  No foreign transaction fees on purchases made in the local currency bought overseas.

  • A reward of 0.5 percent on all purchases

  • A monthly fee of £3

 Useful illustration

 17.9 percent p.a. on card transactions (variable). This equates to a typical APR of 23.7 percent (variable) based on a loan limit of £1,200. The monthly charge is £3.

Purchases are eligible for up to 56 days of interest-free credit.

Up to three extra cardholders are permitted (you will be responsible for the use of and payments on the additional cards).

Credit is available to UK citizens aged 18 and over, subject to status.

Santander Credit Card advantages

1. With Santander's mobile app, you can access your account at any time.

2. There are 2,000 Santander ATMs in the Northeast area.

3. Overdraft protection is available.

Santander Credit Card drawbacks

1. Annual percentage yields (APY) and interest rates are both quite low.

2. The majority of accounts charge a monthly fee.

3. To open an account, some minimums must be met.

What Services Does Santander Bank Provide?

1. Accounts Checking

Santander Bank offers four different checking accounts:

  • Basic Checking is a low-cost checking account that comes with a $3 monthly charge that cannot be waived.

  • There is a $25 minimum initial deposit, but there is no minimum balance requirement.

  • Student Value Checking, Santander Bank's sole checking account with no monthly cost, is for students aged 14 to 25 and only requires a $10 minimum initial deposit.

  • It is switched to another checking account after you reach the age of 26.

  • Simply Right Checking has a monthly charge of $10 that can be waived if you make only one transaction each month.

  • It takes a $25 deposit upfront, but no ongoing balance is required.

  • This top-tier account yields interest as well, although it's unclear how much.

  • A Select banker can only open Select Checking accounts at particular Santander branches.

  • It has a monthly charge of $75, which can be eliminated if you have $150,000 in combined deposits and chosen investment balances.

  • Customers who choose Select Checking to get a personal banker and a team of professionals to help them with their banking needs. An initial deposit of $150 is required.

2. Accounts of Savings

  • When it comes to Santander Bank savings accounts, there are just two options: one for students and one for everyone else.

  • Santander Bank's flagship savings account, Santander Savings, earns just 0.03 percent annual percentage yield (APY), half the national average of 0.06 percent.

  • It just cannot compete with the most competitive savings accounts. It does not have a minimum balance restriction, however, it does demand a $25 initial deposit to open.

  • There's also a $1 monthly charge, which is eliminated if you have a checking account or a savings account with an average daily balance of $100.

  • Santander Bank's other savings account, Youth Savings, is for people under the age of 18.

  • It has no monthly fees and simply a $10 minimum initial deposit.

  • Each time you use an out-of-network ATM, you'll be charged $3 plus any costs imposed by the ATM owner.

3. Money Market Account Investing

  • Santander Bank's three money market accounts are the ones that provide the greatest interest rates.

  • Money Market Savings accounts do not have a minimum balance restriction, but they do demand a $25 initial deposit.

  • It features a $10 monthly charge that can be eliminated if you have a Santander checking account or a money market account with a $10,000 average daily balance.

  • Select Money Market Savings, the bank's top-tier money market account, may only be established at select Santander locations.

  • A Select Checking account is required, as well as a $25 minimum initial deposit.

  • Money market account rates at Santander Bank vary depending on your area.

4. CDs

  • Santander offers CDs that mature between three and five years.

  • Go to your local branch to get the most up-to-date interest rates.

  • Customers of Santander can choose what to do with the interest generated on CDs.

  • You have the option of keeping it in your CD account to compound interest or transferring it to another bank account.

  • If customers remove funds before their CDs mature, they will be charged an early withdrawal penalty.

  • When they do, you can take your money out without penalty or reinvest it in another CD.


5. Credit Card

  • Santander offers one consumer credit card in addition to bank accounts.

  • Customers who use the Santander Ultimate Cash Back credit card can earn cashback at rates that are equivalent to those offered by many other credit cards.

  • On purchases and balance transfers, the card also gives an introductory annual percentage rate (APR).

  • There are no yearly fees or fees for overseas transactions.

What else is required to receive Santander Cashback?

All genuine tracked purchases will be validated if they match this criterion.

Within 90 days of activating your credit card, cashback claims are verified. Following this period, payment will take 4-6 weeks.

Only one successful Santander Credit Card application will result in a cashback payment.

You will not get rewards if you cancel the credit card within 90 days of applying.

Purchases must be made right away and entirely online.

If you're a permanent UK resident aged 18 or older with a fixed annual income of £7,500 or more, you can apply for a Santander credit card (before tax).

Have an excellent credit history and haven't been declared bankrupt, had a CCJ, or an IVA in the last six years.

After removing VAT, shipping, and any other expenses, this vendor calculates cashback.

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