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Post Office Insurance Society review with 230£ cashback

Post Office Insurance

about Post Office Insurance Society

Post Office Insurance Society is happy to have supplied members with inexpensive financial solutions for over 140 years and is now a part of Foresters Friendly.

Society is a well-known, UK-friendly organization. Foresters' ambition is to be the most member-focused financial mutual in the United Kingdom.

 We both prioritize the needs of our members in whatever we do.

Because we are a mutual organization, we have no stockholders and are solely owned by our members.

 As a result, we operate for the benefit of our members and provide a variety of services and membership perks.

Publishers may earn great commission rates and be a part of the Post Office Insurance Society.

continuous success in delivering easy, flexible, and inexpensive savings and investment programs for the whole family.

that is authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

that is authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What will stop me from getting cashback from the Insurance Society?

  • This deal cannot be combined with any other.

  • Customers who open a new Tax Exempt Savings Plan, Children's Tax Exempt Savings Plan, or Savings and Investment Plan are eligible for cashback. 

  • If a consumer has already opened an identical policy with the Post Office Insurance Society (POIS) or the Foresters Friendly Society.

  • the cashback will be denied (POIS is a part of Foresters Friendly Society).

  • Customers who open a new product or begin a new investment online are eligible for cashback.

  •  (POIS is a component of Foresters Friendly Society) and then cancel that product, you will not be eligible for cashback.

  • If you stop making contributions, make withdrawals, or cancel the policy before the requirements are satisfied, you will not get cashback.

  • Cashback will only be given for purchases made in the United Kingdom.

  • Cashback will only be given if your direct debit is kept up to date in accordance with the terms of the product you are applying for.

  • Only when the terms of the product for which you are applying are satisfied will you receive cashback.

  • To be eligible for cashback, you must purchase straight through the link above.

  • Using a promotional/voucher code that TopCashback has not posted and approved.

What else is required to obtain funds?

  • Depending on the requirements necessary to authenticate your transaction as specified in the advertisement.

  • cashback can take anywhere from 90 to 200 days to confirm from the day the first contribution is received or the initial investment is made.

  • Per transaction, cashback is only accessible once.

  • Post Office Insurance Society has the right to adjust cashback rates, both up and down, at any time and without warning (POIS).

  • The Post Office Insurance Society (POIS) and Foresters Friendly Society (of which POIS is a member).

  • retain the right to withdraw the cashback value from any surrender value or premium refund if the new policy is terminated within 12 months of its start date.

  • If you make a fraudulent purchase, your cashback will be refunded and your account will be deleted right away. 

  • We actively monitor for fraud and, if necessary, report it to the proper authorities.

  • Before closing the window and completing your application, make sure third-party cookie tracking is enabled and that the confirmation page has fully loaded.

  • TopCashback members should only use voucher codes that are featured on the site. 

  • Your cashback may not trace or be denied if you use promo codes or gift vouchers that are not featured on TopCashback.

  • If you wish to suspend or cash in your savings plan or investment after the 30-day cancellation period has elapsed, please be advised that limits and limitations apply. 

  • For more information, please see the product's Key Information Document and Important Information Document.

  • The regular qualifying conditions of the Post Office Insurance Society (POIS) apply.

  • Purchases must be made right away and entirely online.

  • TopCashback, not the Post Office Insurance Society, pays the cashback (POIS).

  • Please contact TopCashback, not the Post Office Insurance Society, if you have any queries about your cashback (POIS).

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