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Pages travel site review with Cashback 10%

Hotels travel site


Most accommodations offer free cancellation.

Hotels offer it everything, with hundreds of thousands of places to stay around the world and 90 local websites in 41 languages.

so whether you're searching for cheap hotels in Vegas, treehouses in Thailand, or view villas, it's all only a click away. 

In addition, our "award-winning" loyalty program is one of the most generous on the market.

Members receive one stamp for every ten nights they stay, as well as access to Secret Prices for fast discounts.

 There are no gimmicks, only benefits, With Rewards, you can make your fantasies come true.

For every ten nights, you stay on one or many journeys you'll receive one reward stamp.

You may earn stamps at over 500,000 places worldwide, whether you like your favorite hotel brand or a vacation rental where you can live like a local.

Save even more money with Secret Prices, which provide you with immediate discounts on your next reservation. 

Secret Prices are even cheaper than our special rate promos, getting you where you want to go with additional cash in your pocket.

There are no ban dates, so you may use your reward nights whenever and anywhere you choose.

Plus, additional travel privileges for Gold and Silver members, like as complimentary breakfast, spa vouchers, and more, will enhance your vacation experience.

Pros Hotels travel site

1. Gift certificates

  • credit may be obtained at a discount nearly indefinitely thanks to periodic deals on its gift cards from Amazon and elsewhere.

  • By clicking here, you may consolidate the balances on all of your gift cards.

2. Filtration

  •'s search criteria let you locate hotels practically everywhere that meet your particular requirements.

  • Looking for a pet-friendly hotel in a certain Seattle area that costs between $190 and $200 per night, with free parking and Wi-Fi?

  • can show you all of the alternatives that fit your needs.

3. Simple incentives

  • For many individuals, keeping track of how many points you've earned with each of the eight hotel brands you've been at isn't worth the effort.

  • For every ten nights, you stay with, you get a free night.

  • It doesn’t matter where you stay, because your reward night value is equal to the average price you paid for your 10 nights.

  • As you can see, when it comes to, I'm not exactly a huge spender.

cons Hotels site

1. There are no points to be earned

  • People who enjoy accumulating points, well, they enjoy accumulating points.

  • If you book your hotel via, you will not receive any Hilton/Hyatt/IHG/SPG/Marriott points for your stay.

2. There are no elite benefits

  • Most hotel chains will not respect any elite status privileges you have with them if you book via or any 3rd-party site.

  • You may have to say goodbye to free suite upgrades, welcome gifts, free wi-fi, free breakfasts, and late check-outs as a result of this.

  • has a few status tiers, but the perks are meager.

3. If you wish to utilize your Hotels gift card, you must pay at the time of booking

  • Some hotels, but not all, enable you to cancel reservations booked via

  • If you use your gift card to pay for your reservation, you may be unable to change it.

4. Cost

  • I compared the price shown on to the price listed on the chain's website for a few particular chain hotels, and both sites had the same pricing.

  • Nonetheless, hotel companies may attempt to get clients to book directly by providing unique reduced rates, so it's always a good idea to check different booking sites.

What will prevent me from receiving cashback from hotels?

Airfare, as well as the purchase or redemption of gift cards, are not eligible for cashback.

On the purchase of a Package, no cashback is given.

Using a promotional coupon or a voucher code.

What is necessary to get cashback from Hotels?

1. Only completed, qualified stays will be awarded cashback. Please be aware that owing to COVID-19, your cashback may not be credited to you right away.

2. We appreciate your patience throughout this period and will provide updates as soon as possible.

3. Purchases must be made right away and entirely online.

4. VAT is deducted at the current VAT rate in the United Kingdom.

5. Claims will be put on hold until the stay is over, and the confirmation procedure will begin only when the stay is finished.

6. This seller calculates cashback after subtracting VAT, shipping, and any other fees.

7. Only hotel reservations are eligible for cashback.

8. Until your stay is completed, your cashback will not be confirmed or payable.

9. When using a promo code, no cashback will be given.

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