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BT Broadband is a company that offers you cashback when subscribing to one of its plans available on the site.

which may reach up to £110. It also provides a variety of discounts, which you may learn about by visiting the website linked below.

In the previous review, we got to know Sky Broadband and TV cashback up to £160.

BT Broadband Cashback

about BT Broadband

With these BT Broadband packages, you can stay up to date while still earning excellent cashback benefits.

 Get a better broadband experience with BT Bandwidth, which offers award-winning broadband, a variety of bundles.

and a slew of free extras. Get amazing download speeds with BT Broadband and BT Infinity packages.

Pros BT

  • Broadband bundles using ADSL and fiber are readily available.

  • There are five million hotspots available in the United Kingdom.

  • There are several bundles to pick from.

  • There are no fair use limits in place with these really unlimited broadband subscriptions.

  • For broadband consumers, BT Sport is available to watch online and via the BT Sport app.

  • All options include a free BT router and online storage.

Cons BT

  • Broadband is more costly than other types of service.

  • Not accessible anywhere in the United Kingdom.

  • Virgin Media has the fastest fiber optic internet.

What's going to keep me from receiving a refund?

This deal cannot be obtained directly from BT or through BT contact centers.

Employees of BT will be denied cashback since they are unable to claim cashback with their orders.

Cashback is not accessible when using BT Gift Cards.

Customers who move into a new house while keeping their current BT contract will not be eligible for rebates.

Use of a BT Broadband - New Customers promotional/voucher code that has not been submitted.

 and approved by TopCashback may void your cashback eligibility.

Only new BT subscribers are eligible for cashback.

Using a promotional/voucher code that TopCashback has not posted and approved.

What else is necessary, to get BT cashback?

When signing up for a broadband package, a new customer is defined as someone who does not already have BT Broadband installed in their house.

 They may have a BT line, but they do not have access to broadband. They would still be regarded as a 'new BT Broadband subscriber' if they had BT mobile contracts.

To be eligible for cashback, you must first register your BACS bank transfer credentials with TopCashback before going through to BT.

Customers who currently have BT broadband (copper) are not considered new customers when acquiring BT Infinity.

Because the BT Reward card is not linked with TopCashback, it has no bearing on cashback eligibility.

BT Sport will not be commissionable because it is not a television bundle.

Only BACS is accepted as a method of payment for cashback.

Customers that purchase a completely new bundle receive cashback.

Existing BT customers who upgrade their current package will only be eligible for cashback on the new add-on component if cashback is available at the time.

If BT has to change the specifics of your order after you've placed it through TopCashback.

you'll need to email the updated order reference to TopCashback so that your cashback claim can be processed.

Subscribers who already have a BT line but get their broadband from a different supplier are considered new BT Broadband customers.

If your cashback is lower after it has been 'verified,' please send a support ticket.

Purchases must be made right away and entirely online.

to get BT Broadband cashback, click here