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AA UK Breakdown Cashback up to £160.00

AA UK cashback

about AA UK Breakdown 

with AA Breakdown in the United Kingdom Get peace of mind with the UK leading breakdown protection provider only £59 a year.

More mobile mechanics work for AA Breakdown Cover than any other UK breakdown service. 

You may select from a variety of breakdown protection options.

 Coverage from home, national recovery, onward travel, and even parts and garage cover are all options.

If you break down, obtaining service is a breeze since you can alert and track the mechanic right from the app.

You'll have access to roadside assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they'll even try to fix your car on the spot.

They also offer a Smart Breakdown app that may help you discover problems with your car before they become a problem.

The app also provides information on typical warning lights and what to do about them, as well as sending you updates on your car's health and what to do about it.

Remember that earning free cashback with us might help you save even more money on AA Breakdown cover deals and discounts.

Pros AA UK

1. According to current statistics, the AA can fix 8 out of 10 automobiles by the side of the road in under 30 minutes.

2. Its members highly suggest it.

3. Telephone support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AA UK Cons

1. Only as a paid add-on is personal coverage and onward travel possible.

2. Route planner - find the fastest route to any location in the United Kingdom.

3. Roadworks and traffic congestion notifications in real-time.

4. In the event of a breakdown, connect with an AA professional at the press of a button.

5. Take control of your account.

6. Find the most up-to-date costs for local gasoline and charges.

7. Locate available parking spaces in the area.

8. Look for garages in your area.

What would prevent me from receiving AA UK cashback?

Cashback is not available for AA UK Business Breakdown Cover or Basic Cover.

Please visit via a European Cover link from this site to learn more about European Cover.

If you or the insurer cancels the coverage before the cashback is credited to your TopCashback account you have received cashback.

you may be obliged to refund it to AA UK Breakdown.

Not finishing your transaction entirely online, such as via phone.

Claiming cashback in connection with any other promotional offer.

including the use of vouchers, that have not been specifically publicized and approved by Top cashback is prohibited.

If you haven't chosen BACS as your TopCashback payment option.

If your policy's fraud indications are highlighted.

While purchasing a policy, I navigated away from the AA website.

Only new AA customers are eligible for the cashback.

Your reimbursement will be denied if you have terminated your current AA breakdown membership or received a renewal invitation from the AA during the past 90 days.

While purchasing a policy, open numerous instances of the AA website.

Cashback will not be given to policies that have been changed.

Cashback is not available on policies that are less than £58.

Getting a quotation from somewhere other than TopCashback and buying a policy.

Use the 'Get Cashback' link on this page to purchase a product other than AA UK Breakdown protection.

What else is required to obtain cash?

  • Any insurance that has been terminated or is in arrears at the time of validation will not be eligible for cashback.

  • When paying in full, the validity period is generally 90 days from the policy start date.

  • If you receive cashback from this retailer, you will not be able to cash out using Avios.

  • please give the AA with your 8-digit reference number, such as 30199678.

  • The payback amount is computed solely on the basis of the breakdown policy price and excludes Smart Breakdown products.

  • Customers who purchase breakdown protection in combination with any other AA promotion.

  • such as new car purchases or free memberships with Car and Home Insurance policies, are eligible for a discount.

  • To be validated, any questions about missing cashback must be filed to TopCashback with a valid 16-digit AA membership number.

  • Queries that do not include this information will be ignored. It might take up to 6 months for missing cashback claims to be handled.

  • For any questions, members should not contact the AA directly.

  • TopCashback offers AA UK Breakdown cashback on verified, monitored purchases that are done instantly and entirely online.

  •  According to the terms and conditions, any untracked sales and inaccurate commission claims.

  •  submitted after 100 days from the transaction date would be immediately refused.

  • Only if you buy through the link on this website and complete your purchase without delays in your online transaction will you be eligible for cashback.

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